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Nacha Issues Operations Bulletin #1 – 2020

This bulletin confirms the effective date of a third, daily Same Day ACH processing window as March 19, 2021.

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I Don’t Recognize This Transaction?!

Now is the time account holders begin to review their statements in disbelief of how much money has slipped through their fingers...

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Ask Mary: AAP, APRP, NCP… What’s Right for ME?!

I’d like to add a few letters behind my name this year, but I’m not sure which certification is best for me...

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Get 20/20 Vision with EPCOR Advisory Services!

Get a better view into your organization's payments practices with a fresh set of eyes!

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Safe Harbor Expiring Summer 2020 (Maybe)

All financial institutions will be required to abide by all stipulations of Regulation E Subpart B. How will this impact YOU?

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Congratulations to our TEN Winners!

In honor of this special holiday season of our 10th Anniversary year, Hoot-E hosted a 10 Days of Giving Event December.

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Where is Hoot-E in Q1

Where is Hoot-E this Quarter...

Industry Representation

This map depicts the industry events that EPCOR is attending during the current quarter.

  • Center for Payments Meeting
    January 7-9, Herndon, VA
  • Faster Payments Council Board Meeting
    January 16, Dallas, TX
  • Nebraska Association for Financial Professionals
    February 20, Omaha, NE
  • NCP Editorial Board Meeting
    February 25-27, Las Vegas, NV
  • AAP Blue Ribbon Panel
    March 9-11, Herndon, VA

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