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  • New FRB Reports Aid Same Day ACH Tracking How many Same Day ACH entries is your financial institution receiving and/or originating? There’s a report for that!
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  • OCC Issues FAQ Guide to the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool As OCC examiners continue to make good on their promise to incorporate the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool into their examinations, both agencies have created FAQ documents to help ease the transition.
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  • Whitepaper Highlights Same Day ACH Fraud Concerns Same Day ACH, similar to any new innovation, prompts the discussion around increased fraud potential. Has EPCOR considered the risks?
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  • Step Aside, Millennials – Gen Z is the Next Target Market Millennials have been big news for a long time, but smart organizations are also looking at the next generation when planning for the future of payments.
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  • Why Do We Need to Conduct an ACH Audit? Properly completed, ACH Audits and Risk Assessments become powerful tools for financial institution management to assess and control their risks with ACH.
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Where is EPCOR

  • AAP Prep Program
    Sept. 7-8, Oklahoma City, OK
    Sept. 7-8, Columbus, OH
    Sept. 13-14, Indianapolis, IN
    Sept. 13-14, Omaha, NE
  • AFP-IN Conference
    August 22-23, Indianapolis, IN
  • RDC Summit
    Sept. 14-16, Orlando, FL
  • NACHA Direct Member Summit
    Sept. 12-14, Henderson, NV
  • AAP Prep Program
    Sept. 15-16, St. Louis, MO
    Sept. 15-16, Kansas City, MO
  • Nebraska AFP Conference
    Sept. 17, Omaha, NE
  • Northern Ohio AFP
    Sept. 19, Cleveland, OH
  • Kansas City AFP Conference
    Sept. 22-23, Kansas City, MO
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The mission of EPCOR is to provide our members with the knowledge, support and industry representation necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving electronic payments business.

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