2021 Payment Systems Update

Payment Systems Update


What Do You Really Need to Know in 2021 to do Your Job Effectively?

This year’s Payment Systems Update is now available as a series of three two-hour webinar recordings. Sign up today to learn what you need to know about key payments changes impacting your organization including:

  • WEB Account Validation
  • Egregious Rules Violation Classification
  • Unauthorized ACH Return Entry Fees
  • Same Day ACH Processing Updates
  • NSS and Fedwire Funds Changes
  • Large Originator Data Security
  • Meaningful ACH Modernization
  • Fraud Topics
  • FedNow
  • RTP
  • EPCOR Fraud Alert Service
  • And More!

If there is one payments seminar to go to, it is this one! I get to learn up front about all the new rule and regulatory updates, when they are effective and how they affect me and my financial institution. I always take away something I wasn’t even aware that I needed to know!

—Pam Parshall, AAP, Wayne Bank & Trust Company


Payment Systems Update

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Payment Systems Update 2021 Wrap-up Interview

Our annual Payment Systems Update just wrapped! Check out this wrap up interview to hear from Danielle James, AAP, NCP, Director, Payments Education on some of the highlights and AHA moments. Still need to catch up on 2021’s NEED-TO-KNOW payments changes? Sign up to stream Payment Systems Update recordings.


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Payment Systems Update Season 2 April 6 – April 30

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Payment Systems Update Season 3 June 1 – June 25

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