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EPCOR Alert Service


In partnership with law enforcement agencies and other participating institutions, the EPCOR Alert Service is an information sharing service that offers financial institutions an efficient and cost-effective solution to mitigate fraud losses via early warning notices.

Participants can post and view security alerts related to scams in their geographical region including:

  • fraudulent accounts
  • kiting schemes
  • counterfeit and stolen checks
  • ATM skimmers
  • identity theft
  • credit and debit card fraud
  • bank casing
  • and more


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To learn more about the EPCOR Alert Service and how it works watch our short Did You Know video!

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EPCOR Alert Service Subscription

Once a financial institution signs the subscription agreement and remits the annual subscription fee, employees can begin using the service. The financial institution can control who has access to the Alert Service. Alert Service subscription auto-renews annually.


*Only EPCOR member financial institutions may subscribe to the EPCOR Alert Service.


EPCOR Alert Service Coverage

Since the Alert Service was originally developed and operated by The Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA), Alert Service subscribers are currently concentrated in the state of Oklahoma. EPCOR is working to expand Alert Service coverage throughout the EPCOR region, with current focus on Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. For information on Alert Service coverage in your area, contact Member Support.


Why Choose EPCOR Alert Service?

Fraud is a persistent problem for financial institutions. And, with the increase in e-commerce, particularly during the recent year of COVID-19, payments-related fraud losses have also skyrocketed. Losses from counterfeit checks, wire scams, ATM skimmers, robberies, ACH fraud and more threaten a financial institution’s bottom line.

However, many fraud schemes typically travel corridors, and information sharing between financial institutions through the EPCOR Alert Service enables financial institution staff to remain alert and proactive in protecting against loss. It is for this reason that EPCOR acquired the Fraud Alert Service – to help our member institutions get the information they need into the hands of employees within the bank or credit union that can act immediately.


EPCOR Alert Service History

The COCHA Alert Service was developed by The Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA) for the benefit of COCHA members. EPCOR was named the Management Member of COCHA in October of 2019, becoming responsible for the day-to-day operations of COCHA, including its Alert Service, Settlement Service and Salary Survey. In October of 2020, the Board of Directors of both organizations unanimously voted for EPCOR to acquire COCHA, including the Alert Service and Settlement Services. EPCOR’s acquisition of COCHA took effect on July 1, 2022.