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Welcome to Hoot-E’s EPCOR member benefits page. Here you can explore everything EPCOR membership has to offer for your organization. Be sure to reach out to member support if you have any questions on any of the benefits listed below.

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Some benefits incur an additional fee, but the benefits listed below are complimentary with your EPCOR membership!

  • EPCOR Helpline (800.500.0100), Email ( and Website Chat Support
  • Complimentary ACH Rules Book
  • ACH Quick Reference Guide
  • Ask Hoot-E Live Webinars
  • Quarterly Industry Update Webinars
  • Payments Institute Scholarship
  • Payment Systems Awards
  • EPCOR Knowledge Community (Member Portal)
  • News You Can Use E-Newsletter
  • Payments Insider Corporate E-Newsletter
  • Special Industry Update Webinars
  • Washington Watch E-Newsletter
  • Did You Know… Informational Videos

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Payments Education


EPCOR learning events are available in various formats to fit a variety of learning needs, continuing education requirements and budgets.

EPCOR Payments Conference

Format: In-Person and Virtual
Timeframe: Spring and Fall
Zero in on the current payments landscape and advancements in the payments space. Includes multiple tracks of informative sessions, peer-to-peer networking, a solution-packed exhibit hall and more.


EPCOR Payments University

Format: In-Person and Virtual
Timeframe: Summer
This casual, university-style learning event features a multi-track series of interactive, workshop-style sessions designed for all learning levels, including fundamental and advanced courses!


Payment Systems Update

Format: In-Person and Virtual
Timeframe: February - March
This one-stop annual update will help you prioritize your organization’s plan of action and maintain compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulatory landscape.


Virtual ACH Day Camp

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Throughout Year
Perfect for back up staff, new hires and anyone who needs a refresher, this camp is offered virtually in a small group format throughout the year, so you don’t have to wait to get your team up to speed.


Virtual Check Day Camp

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Throughout Year
Perfect for back up staff, new hires, and anyone who needs a refresher, this camp is offered virtually in small group format throughout the year, so you don’t have to wait to get your team up to speed.


Virtual Symposiums

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Varies
Focusing on hot topics, virtual symposiums provide a deep-dive into areas impacting the payments industry featuring special guest speakers and EPCOR’s payments experts.


Industry Update Webinar Series (Free)

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Quarterly
Stay up to date on the latest initiatives, rules and regulations. This FREE (for members), live webinar is also conveniently made available as a recording in the Knowledge Community.


Quarterly Compliance and Fraud Review Webinar Series

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Quarterly
This webinar series examines the latest threats and challenges circulating the payments industry so your organization can plan a proactive response.


Ask Hoot-E Live Webinar Series (Free)

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Quarterly
This FREE, live Q&A session is just for EPCOR members to tap into the wisdom of our payments experts and garner knowledge on specific payments issues impacting your organization.



Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Throughout the Year
Webinars cover a variety of payments topics. Recordings are also available. An EPCOR Webinar Subscription provides year-long access at a reduced cost.


On-Demand Training

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Available 24/7
On-demand courses consist of interactive or recorded, lecture-based training on a variety of topics from instant payments to annual BSA training and many other payments topics. Courses are available individually or through the EPCOR Electronic Resources License.


EPCOR Electronic Resources License

Format: Virtual
Timeframe: Available 24/7
Enjoy unlimited access to EPCOR’s on-demand training library and select publications and tools. This annual subscription provides access to everyone in your organization.


Flex Training

Format: Your Choice
Timeframe: Your Choice
Looking for training that’s not listed here? Choose our affordable Flex Training option and we will create a webinar or in-person training just for your organization!


Did You Know… Informational Videos

These quick, animated videos explain payments topics in just a few short minutes! Perfect for passing along important information to staff or clients. Available on or via our YouTube channel (@EPCORPymnts).


Payments Certification

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APRP logo
NCP logo
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Adding some initials behind your name can go a long way in proving your expertise in the payments industry and our prep programs have a great reputation for a reason!

Accredited ACH Professional

What is an AAP? Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) are an elite group of highly-skilled payments professionals nationally recognized for their electronic payments expertise, particularly within the field of Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

AAP Prep Program: Runs May – September. Course includes webinars, an in-person review session (multiple location options), on-demand courses and other helpful resources.

AAP Testing Window: Opens in October


Accredited Payments Risk Professional

What is an APRP? An Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) is an individual who has demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of risk management strategies, concepts and mitigation techniques within the payments ecosystem.

APRP Prep Program: Runs April – July. Course includes webinars, on-demand courses and other helpful resources.

APRP Testing Window: Opens in August


National Check Professional

What is an NCP? The National Check Professional (NCP) designation recognizes professionals who have successfully proven an expert level of understanding of the current check payments landscape.

NCP Prep Program: Runs January – April. Course includes webinars, on-demand courses and other helpful resources.

NCP Testing Window: Opens in April


Faster Payments Professional

What is an FPP? Nacha and The Faster Payments Council have announced plans for a Faster Payments Professional (FPP) accreditation to come in the years ahead.

FPP Certificate Program: The Faster Payments Professional Certificate program is available now so you can demonstrate your competency in faster payments while giving you a jump start on the highly-anticipated Accredited Faster Payments Professional exam.

FPP Testing Window: TBA


Payments Audit & Advisory Services


Whether it’s your annually-required audit, a risk assessment, instant payments or another new service you are considering rolling out or some internal policies that need a tune up, we are happy to assist with almost any payments challenge.

EPCOR Audit & Risk Assessment Services

We offer audits and risk assessment services for a variety of payments channels:
  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Risk Assessment
  • RTP® Audit & Risk Assessment Services
  • Wire Transfer Audit & Risk Assessment Services
  • ACH Audit & Risk Assessment Services
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EPCOR Third-Party Services

The following offerings are designed specifically for Third-Party Senders:
  • Consulting Services for Third-Parties
  • Third-Party Sender ACH Rules Compliance Audits
  • Third-Party Sender Risk Assessments
  • Third-Party Sender/ODFI Forum
ODFIs—Invite your Third-Party Senders to become EPCOR members with our handy invitation available for download in the Knowledge Community.
Not sure if you are a Third-Party Sender?
This tool will help you figure it out.

EPCOR Advisory Services

Whatever payments issue you are juggling, our accredited payments experts can provide guidance customized to fit the needs of YOUR organization. Some of the services we offer include:
  • Faster Payments Launch Service
  • Payments Strategy
  • Origination Support Services
  • ACH Policy and Procedure Review
  • Treasury Services Agreements Review
  • Operational Efficiency Review
  • ACH Contingency Planning
  • Rules Mapping
  • And Almost Any Other Payments-Related Project Customized to the Needs of Your Organization!
Why Choose EPCOR for Your Assessment?
  • Payment Systems Experts
  • More than 100 Years of Combined Banking Experience
  • Examiner Acknowledgement for Thorough Reporting
  • Detailed Reports and Clear Explanations of Findings
  • Actionable Guidance and Education for Improvements



Don’t sit on the sidelines. There are plenty of ways to connect with other EPCOR members and make your payments journey more enjoyable while you make a difference!

EPCOR Knowledge Community

Join forces with your peers! The EPCOR Knowledge Community is a private platform where EPCOR members and staff can communicate, collaborate and share payments-related documents.

Activate your Knowledge Community profile at by logging on with the same user ID and password as Then, watch your inbox for your daily digest emails recapping activity in the Community. Click here for tutorials to help you get started.


EPCOR Committees

Help us ensure we are meeting the needs of our members by serving as a sounding board on how current payments issues are impacting you!
  • Cash & Treasury Management Committee
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Payments Committee
  • Payments Compliance & Risk Committee
  • Third-Party Sender/ODFI Roundtable
Calls for nomination are issued as needed, typically in the fall. Watch News You Can Use and your inbox for details.

Social Media

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EPCOR Payment Systems Awards are presented at EPCOR Payments Conferences.

Marquis Award

Presented annually to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated leadership in the implementation, advancement or awareness of ACH payments, or have exhibited longstanding support and contributions to the EPCOR mission.

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Payments Innovation Award

Presented to an individual or organization that has implemented innovative payments or risk management solutions.

Nomination Form

TPI Scholarship

EPCOR awards one full scholarship to Nacha’s TPI On Campus each year. The full tuition scholarship is valued at more than $3,000. Each scholarship includes:
  • Tuition Fee
  • Information-Packed Payments Sessions
  • Opportunity to Dialogue with Experienced Payments Instructors
  • Resource Materials to Take Back to the Workplace
  • Lodging and Meals
The deadline to apply is in April of each year.

View past EPCOR Payment Systems Award and TPI Scholarship winners in our Hall of Fame.



Our newsletters and communications pieces will help keep you informed of what is happening in the payments industry, as well as upcoming EPCOR events and other important announcements.

News You Can Use

This electronic newsletter informs you of timely payment systems news, upcoming educational offerings and member benefit programs. New, easy-to-read format breaks down important payments news to help busy payments professionals stay abreast of industry updates.

EPCOR Bulletins

Critical, time-sensitive information is sent on an as-needed basis to the primary contact at your financial institution or company and other appropriate contacts as determined by the subject matter.

Payments Insider

Previously called Inside Origination, this quarterly, electronic newsletter contains articles written from a business account holder’s perspective that financial institutions can co-brand and share with ACH origination clients and all business account holders.

Washington Watch

This electronic newsletter provides executive-level insights into governmental and regulatory activities impacting financial institutions and others in the payments industry.



Industry Representation EPCOR is your voice at a national level. We influence new payment applications, payment systems policies, rules and risk management practices that are in the best interest of our members through participation in a variety of councils, committees, associations and work groups.

The following is a brief listing of the variety of organizations in which we represent our members:

  • Afinis
  • Association for Financial Professionals
  • Center for Payments
  • ECCHO Exceptions & Fraud Working Group
  • ECCHO NCP Curriculum Review Council
  • ECCHO NCP Editorial Board
  • Faster Payments Board of Directors
  • Faster Payments Certificate Workgroup
  • Faster Payments Council Education and Awareness Work Group
  • Faster Payments Council Regulatory Work Group
  • Nacha AAP Blue Ribbon Panel
  • Nacha APRP Oversight Panel
  • Nacha ACH Rules Enforcement Panel
  • Nacha Board of Directors
  • Nacha Government Relations Advisory Group
  • Nacha Payments Innovation Alliance
  • Nacha Publications Workgroup
  • Nacha SPEAK Editorial Board
  • Routing Number Administration Board
  • The Payments Institute (TPI) Board of Regents

Publication & Tools


Why work harder, when you can work smarter with tools and resources created by experts with you in mind? Below are just a few of our available tools and publications.

  • AAP Flashcards
  • ACH Sample Agreements and Tools
  • APRP Flashcards
  • ACH Audit Workbook
  • ACH Quick Reference Cards for Financial Institutions
  • ACH Quick Reference Guide* – FREE TO EPCOR MEMBERS
  • ACH Risk Assessment Workbook
  • Check Exceptions Resource Package*
  • Check/Image Flashcards (print or digital)
  • Check/RDC Quick Reference Cards
  • Check Quick Reference Cards
  • Corporate ACH User Quick Reference Cards
  • Debit Card Quick Reference Cards
  • EFT Dispute Resource Package*
  • Guide to ACH Origination
  • Merchant RDC Review Checklist*
  • Mobile RDC Review Checklist*
  • Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines
  • ODFI Audit Checklist for Originators and Third-Party Senders*
  • RDC Risk Assessment Workbook
  • Third-Party Sender Audit Workbook
  • Third-Party Sender Risk Assessment Workbook
  • Wire Audit Checklist*

*Included in Electronic Resources License