Understand the specific risks associated with RDC and your associated responsibilities

RDC Risk Assessment Services


Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) can be a risky proposition; therefore, it is critical that your organization has the appropriate controls in place to effectively and safely manage your RDC program. FFIEC Guidance recommends conducting an RDC Risk Assessment prior to deployment of remote deposit services and regularly thereafter.

EPCOR's RDC Risk Assessments help you understand the specific risks associated with RDC and your associated responsibilities. EPCOR's experienced National Check Professionals and Accredited ACH Professionals will conduct your RDC Risk Assessment, review your RDC program policies, procedures and agreements to measure potential risks, offer suggestions to mitigate risk and offer suggestions to comply with FFIEC Guidance.

Additional Resources and Tools

EPCOR offers an RDC Risk Assessment Workbook to assist your organization in successfully completing your RDC Risk Assessment and managing your RDC program.

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