NEW! Faster Payments Launch Service

NEW! Faster Payments Launch Service


Faster payments are coming fast, and financial institutions must act quickly to remain competitive.

Our NEW Faster Payments Launch Service provides consulting, education, tools and resources to simplify the faster payments planning process for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes.

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Allow our payments experts to walk you through our accelerated faster payments strategic planning process. We will help you kick off your faster payments journey by guiding you through the initial phases of your strategic planning process and leave you with the tools and knowledge needed to take the beginning steps toward implementation. Leverage our expertise to ensure you are looking at the big picture and asking the right questions, while reducing your time to market.

EPCOR’s Faster Payments Launch Service helped us establish a baseline, determine use cases for faster/instant payments at our institution and identify customers that could benefit from faster payments. Walking us through what we need to start our faster payments journey, we were able to establish a reasonable timeline with the steps needed before (planning, suppliers), during (operational issues, fraud) and after (marketing). I highly recommend EPCOR’s approach for those trying to plan their entrance to the faster payments space.

- Marlene Barkheimer, President & CEO, Farmers State Bank

Are any of these pain points holding you back?

  • Not sure where to start
  • The arduous, complex and time-consuming process of strategic planning
  • Limited staffing to take on the extra workload involved
  • Financial restraints

EPCOR can simplify and accelerate your planning process by providing the necessary guidance, education, tools and resources needed to:

  • Examine your current portfolio of offerings, risk appetite and customer base
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and identify core objectives
  • Put together a go-to-market strategy including your value proposition, target market and communication strategy
  • Create your business case, project charter, pitch cards and anticipated ROI
  • Consider the first steps towards implementation, asking the right questions along the way

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