National Check Professional (NCP)

What is an NCP?

National Check Professionals (NCPs) are payments professionals who have successfully proven an expert level of understanding of the current check payments landscape which continues to provide lasting value for tens of billions of payments each year. NCPs demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the check payments system including products and operations, relevant rules and laws, industry standards and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.


Why should you become an NCP?

Achieving the NCP accreditation clearly demonstrates your commitment and dedication to payments excellence and boosts your profile within the industry by recognizing your knowledge and comprehension of check payments. The NCP designation also recognizes you as a leader in your field, strengthens your professional credibility, demonstrates your commitment to customer/member service and illustrates your understanding today's industry trends and topics of interest.

How do you become an NCP?

NCPs must pass the National Check Payments Certification (NCPC) Exam administered annually by the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization (ECCHO). The exam is offered annually during a three-week test window in the April-May timeframe. Administered electronically at various test locations across the country, the exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions. For more information, visit

Watch the video below to learn more about the NCP accreditation process and our NCP Prep Program.

How do you prepare for the NCPC Exam?

EPCOR has designed an intensive preparation curriculum to help you prepare for the NCPC exam. Instructed via webinar, our NCP Prep Program thoroughly examines the check payments process beginning with the basic components following through the entire check processing cycle. Rules that apply to checks, such as Regulation CC, Uniform Commercial Code 3 & 4, Operating Circluar 3, Regulation J, ECCHO Rules and ACH Rules related to check conversion will all be covered. The latest initiatives and innovations in the check industry, check adjustment handling, and fraud and risk mitigation, will also be covered. Registration for the program typically closes in January. For a high-level overview of the NCP Prep Program, download NCP Prep Program General Information PDF using the button below.

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Need management approval before you start preparing for the NCP exam? Download our NCP Prep Program Justification Letter as a Word document you can modify.

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How do you maintain your NCP?

NCPs must earn 50 approved continuing education credits, with no more than 30 credits earned in any one year, by the end of the five-year certification. You must also attend any three mandatory, annual ECCHO workshops within the same five-year period. It is the responsibility of the participant to submit credits to ECCHO each year as appropriate.

EPCOR offers an NCP Continuing Education Package which is a package of on-demand training courses designed to allow NCPs to earn their continuing education credits while saving valuable training dollars at the same time. The courses are available 24/7 and can be taken when it’s convenient for you. To learn more about this package, click the button below.

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Download our How to Maintain Your NCP Certification document to learn more about the reporting guidelines and to track your credits.

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