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As account holders increasingly expect faster and more convenient payment options, instant payments allow financial institutions to meet these expectations and remain competitive in the market. This repository compiles various resources across the payments industry that can help you evaluate options, maintain compliance, manage risk, improve customer/member service and streamline operations as you begin or continue your faster payments journey.

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Faster Payments Planning

Use Cases

Faster Payments Council Use Case Repository

More than 130+ Use Cases developed by an industry-wide workgroup. Users can refine their search by Industry Type (i.e. Gig Economy, Entertainment, Education, Insurance, etc.) and Functions (i.e. POS, Bill Pay, Account Transfers, Loans, etc.).

Search Cases

Planning Documents

Key Elements of Building a Business Case for Faster Payments


The Pros of Instant Payments


What Are Your Peers Saying About Instant Payments?


Instant Payments: Engaging Your Corporate Clients




Introducing Our New Faster Payments Launch Service!

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Five Fun Facts About the FedNow Payment Flow

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FedNow – Get In the Know Now!

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Let's Talk Faster Payments - Questions For Your Service Providers

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FedNow and Combatting Instant Payments Fraud

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The FedNow Ecosystem and the Roles Within

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Federal Reserve Surveys Reveal Growing Interest In Faster Payments

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Four Steps Forward Toward Instant Payments

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Faster Payments: The Need For Speed

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Instant Payments Solution Providers

Provider List Compiled by the Faster Payments Council

Users can refine their search by Provider Type (i.e. Network, Financial Institution, Third Party Provider, etc.)

Find Service Providers

FedNow Service Provider Showcase Compiled by the Federal Reserve Banks

A resource for connecting financial institutions and businesses with service providers that can help them innovate and implement instant payment products using the FedNow Service. Filter and browse the gallery by Solution Types (i.e. P2P App, Payroll Processes, Core Banking Platforms, Treasury Management Systems, etc.), Use Case and End User Type.

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The Clearing House RTP Network Technology Providers and Funding Agents

RTP Service Providers


FedNow® Service

FedNow Homepage

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FedNow Explorer Guided Journey

Take a guided journey of FedNow. Answer a few simple questions about your organization and the Fed will take your through a guided learning journey to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about instant payments and how to prepare for the launch of their FedNow Service.

Start Your Journey

FedNow Explorer Self Exploration

Design your own learning path! Explore the FedNow Service on your own by finding the information you’re looking for throughout an instant payment-themed city. Resources include uses cases, features and functionality of the FedNow Service, technology considerations, operating documents, preparation steps and more.


FedNow Service Readiness Guide

This comprehensive guide includes insights on how the FedNow Service will work, questions to consider and ideas for gaining value from the service for you and your accountholders.

Are You Ready?

FedNow Preplanning Roadmap

This resource lays out the key steps to take on your path to a 24x7x365 payments world powered by the FedNow Service.

Plan Your Route

FedNow Product and Capability Planning

Discover the various ideas and opportunities available through the FedNow Service to support product and capability planning. (Excerpt from the FedNow Service Readiness Guide)

Discover Ideas

FedNow Technology Planning

Explore important technology questions and considerations to help develop a successful instant payments roadmap powered by FedNow. (Excerpt from the FedNow Service Readiness Guide)

Explore Technology

FedNow Treasury Operations Planning

Learn more about the potential adjustments you’ll need to make to your treasury operations to support instant payments. (Excerpt from the FedNow Service Readiness Guide)

Explore Treasury Options

RTP® Service

Introduction to the RTP System

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RTP Operating Rules: Effective 3/19/23

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RTP Self-Audit Workbook and Self-Audit Form

All RTP Participants must complete an annual audit to verify compliance with the RTP Participation and Operating Rules, as required by RTP Operating Rule IX.A.2. Once the self-audit is complete, Participants must return the RTP Self-Audit Form to The Clearing House.

Verify Compliance

RTP Frequently Asked Questions

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Request for Payment Permissible Use Rules Interpretation

The Clearing House published a new RTP Rules interpretation on the Permissible Uses for Requests for Payment effective July 24, 2023.

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PYMNTS Faster Payments Tracker

Track Faster Payments

Education & Advisory Services


On-Demand Curriculums

Bring everyone at your organization up to speed on RTP® and FedNow® with our three on-demand Faster Payments curriculums. Complete ALL courses in each curriculum and receive a certificate of completion!

FedNow®, Know Now

18 micro-course recordings totaling approx. 130 minutes and FedNowSM, Know Now workbook.

Earn Up To 3.09 AAP/APRP Credits


Real-Time Payments 101

27 micro-course recordings totaling approx. 140 minutes and RTP 101 workbook.

Earn Up To 3.25 AAP/APRP Credits


Real-Time Payments: Risk, Rules and Regulations

24 micro-course recordings totaling approx. 160 minutes and Real-Time Payments: Risk, Rules and Regulations workbook.

Earn Up To 3.41 AAP/APRP Credits




Attend live or register to receive the recording and attend on your own time.

  • Fundamentals of RTP and FedNow
  • Regulations Affecting Faster Payments
  • Let's Talk Payments Strategy
  • Payment Apps and Disputes
  • Payment Apps: Friend or Foe?
  • Four Steps Forward Toward Instant Payments
  • The FedNow Ecosystem: Part 1
  • The FedNow Ecosystem: Part 2
  • Faster Payments

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Faster Payments Launch Service

EPCOR can simplify the process for you and accelerate your faster payments launch by providing the necessary guidance, education, tools and resources needed to:

  • Examine your current portfolio of offerings, risk appetite and customer base
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and identify core objectives
  • Put together a go-to-market strategy including your value proposition, target market and communication strategy
  • Create your business case, project charter, pitch cards and anticipated ROI
  • Consider the first steps towards implementation, asking the right questions along the way

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