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Faster Payments Professional Certificate


What is the Faster Payments Professional (FPP) Certificate?

The Faster Payments Professional (FPP) Certificate powered by Nacha, The Faster Payments Council and the Payments Associations allows you to demonstrate your competency in faster payments while giving you a jump start on the highly-anticipated Accredited Faster Payments Professional exam in the coming years. This first-of-its-kind program will provide you with a holistic view of faster payments and acquaint you with current offerings in the marketplace.

Watch the informational video below to learn more about the FPP Certificate program.


Why Should You Consider the FPP Certificate?

As the payments industry continues to move towards faster payments, it’s important to expand your knowledge and skill set in this high-growth area so you are prepared to take your career to the next level. The FPP Certificate may be right for you if you are ready to:

  • Get acquainted with current faster and instant payments offerings in the marketplace
  • Benefit from a holistic view of faster payments
  • Demonstrate your competency in faster payments
  • Gain knowledge to support your organization’s faster payments journey
  • Prepare to take on more challenging roles in the payments industry
  • AAPs and APRPs can also earn continuing education credits for completing the program.

What Topics Are Covered in the FPP Program?

The FPP certificate program is designed to build faster payments knowledge for payments industry stakeholders, including individuals employed by financial institutions, financial technology companies, regulatory bodies and service providers. Topics covered include:

Module 1

  • What are faster payments?
  • Why use faster payments?
  • Types of faster payments Parties Involved/Stakeholders
  • Faster Payment Network Fundamentals
  • Faster Payment Use Cases
  • Overview of Risk and Regulations

Module 2

  • Clearing/Exchange/Settlement
  • Payment Rail Flow Details
  • Payment Rail Stakeholder Types and Terms
  • Instant Payment Participant Profiles/Personas
  • Irrevocability, Finality, and Remediation
  • Technologies Involved in Faster Payments
  • User Experience
  • Interoperability
  • Remittance Detail
  • Financial Inclusion

Module 3

  • Operations management
    • Liquidity management
    • Reconciliation & Reporting
    • Notifications, Disclosures, & Transparency
    • Customer Support
  • Fraud management
  • Risk management
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance considerations

How Do You Earn Your FPP Certificate?

To earn your FPP Certificate you will need to:

  • Register for FPP training offered exclusively by EPCOR
  • Complete all three training modules and score at least 70% on each module’s final quiz
  • Review the course material and prepare to score at least a 70% on the final. The cumulative quiz is the Module 3 final quiz.

EPCOR’s Faster Payments Professional Certificate program is available on-demand so that you can complete the training on your own time and at your own pace. Each module is registered for individually and can be taken as a stand-alone module if you want to concentrate only on certain areas of the program. Click below for information on each module.

Module 1   Module 2   Module 3

You can also find information about the FPP Certificate on Nacha’s website.

FPP Certificate

Need manager approval? Download and modify our justification letter to get started.

Justification Letter

Is the FPP Certificate an Accreditation?

The FPP Certificate works differently than other payments industry accreditations such as the AAP, APRP or NCP accreditations.

FPP logo

The FPP Certificate is a document that certifies you have completed the FPP training program. Professional accreditation, on the other hand, is recognition by a professional body or association that an individual has met certain standards of knowledge, skills or ethical behavior. It is much more intricate and typically requires ongoing continuing education. No previous experience is required to start the FPP Certificate program and there is no continuing education required.

The first AFPP exam is targeted to be administered between February 17-March 8, 2025. The registration pool will be limited to 250 candidates. Exam registration will open in October 2024 and pricing information will be announced in the September 2024.