epcor Symposiums

EPCOR Symposiums


Take a deep dive into payments topics impacting your organization with one of our virtual symposiums. Symposiums provide a unique opportunity to get important information from industry experts without leaving your office.

Virtual Legal Symposium

Special guests from Adams and Reese, LLP provide a unique perspective on topics such as RDFI rights and responsibilities, data security, digital payments and navigating CFPB rules. Examine the legal and regulatory responsibilities of an RDFI including the legal impact of common violations.

When: February 22

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Virtual CompFraudulation Symposium

This special symposium will bring in special guest speakers to discuss the latest challenges impacting the payments industry compliance, regulatory and fraud spaces. Join us to hear insights on hot topics including risk mitigation, fraud trends, regulatory updates and more.

When: April 20

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Virtual Faster Payments Symposium

Garner perspective on the faster payments landscape from leading experts in the payments industry. Learn what you need to know about faster payments to plan your organization’s approach and examine how faster payments can be leveraged at your institution.

When: October 3

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Virtual Cannabis Banking Symposium

This symposium will provide important information and insight on the expanding legal cannabis industry so you can plan and adjust the course for your organization. Learn from leading experts in the payments industry as they share a variety of perspectives.

When: December 12

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