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  • Coming Soon…Beneficial Ownership Rules Effective May 11, financial institutions will need to be prepared to comply with the new Customer Due Diligence Rule, and business customers may be surprised by this increased level of information gathering.
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  • Plan your Practice. Practice your Plan. FS-ISAC’s annual FREE Cyber-Attack Against Payment Systems (CAPS) exercises are scheduled for September. Have you tested your plan?
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  • Examiners are Taking Note of Your Mobile Financial Services As technology advances and financial institutions respond with new services, examiners begin to scrutinize offerings.
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  • Faster Payments Task Force - Call to Action EPCOR CEO Ann-Marie Bartels, AAP, discusses the long-awaited Faster Payments Task Force final report.
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  • NACHA Operations Bulletin #2-2017: Same Day ACH and Debit Processing This Bulletin provides information to all Network participants on important aspects of ACH debit processing in a same-day environment.
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Where is EPCOR in Q3

  • CBAO Annual Convention Compliance Forum
    August 2, Cincinnati, OH
  • NACHA APRP Oversight Panel
    August 8-9, Herndon, VA
  • Indiana Bankers Association
    August 10, Indianapolis, IN
  • MIB User Conference
    August 23-25, St. Charles, MO
  • Missouri AGA Professional Development Meeting
    August 29-30, Osage Beach, MO
  • ECCHO Ops Meeting
    September 6-7, Rockwall, TX
  • NACHA Risk Management Advisory Group
    September 18-19, Herndon, VA
  • MBA Regulatory Compliance Conference
    September 17-19, Washington, DC
  • Missouri Bankers Association Compliance Conference
    September 20-21, Osage Beach, MO
  • Nebraska AFP Conference
    September 21, Omaha, NE
  • Kansas City AFP Conference
    September 29, Kansas City, MO
  • MIB User Conference
    October 4-6, Lincoln, NE
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The mission of EPCOR is to provide our members with the knowledge, support and industry representation necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving electronic payments business.

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